X-T3 Vertical Battery Grip

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- For X-T3 Mirrorless Camera
- Holds 2x NP-W126S Batteries
- Extended Grip for Vertical Composition
- Secondary Shutter Release
- Function Buttons and Control Dials
- Dust, Water, and Freeze Resistant
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Dedicated to the Fujifilm X-T3 mirrorless camera, the VG-XT3 Vertical Battery Grip benefits shooting in the vertical orientation and also accepts two additional NP-W126S rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for extended shooting times. In terms of its physical design, the extended shape incorporates a secondary shutter release button as well as a focus lever, AE-L button, AF-L button, front and rear command dials, Q button, and Fn button to mimic the camera's own layout for intuitive handling. Additionally, the grip is also water, dust, and freeze resistant to the same degree as the camera body to maintain its ability to function in harsh conditions.